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In the modern age of big data it is important to remember that data quality is just as important as data quantity. I’m a Machine Learning PhD intern at Instacart where I’ve spent the last three months working on various projects regarding data assessment. As I complete my time at Instacart, I want to share how Instacart is taking a proactive approach towards data quality by laying the foundations for a reliability scoring system in the Instacart Knowledge Graph.

The Instacart Knowledge Graph (KG) is a central data store of millions of contextualized facts regarding the grocery…

As the leading online grocery platform in North America, Instacart is able to offer brands aggregated, anonymized consumer insights about online shopping patterns across the U.S. and Canada.

This data includes insight into what consumers are buying, how they’re finding what they buy, what items are commonly found together in baskets, and trends over time as consumer shopping habits and trends evolve. By analyzing this data we can uncover interesting consumer trends and insights, which we’ll periodically share in our Consumer Insights series.

In advance of International Dog Day, we’re shining the spotlight on our fluffy friends. …

Hello shoppers! Thank you for stopping by. We’ve moved to a new website for all updates, news and insights for the shopper community. Please visit us here to read more.

Thank you!

The Instacart Team

In this series, Working with Instacart Ads, we take a look at real-world examples of brand partners who have successfully used Instacart Ads to meet, and exceed, their advertising objectives.

In this article, we look at the success story of No Cow + Perpetua. Since launching on Instacart Ads with our partner Perpetua, No Cow has seen:

  • 32% increase in average units sold
  • 2x average CTR (click-through rate)
  • 94% increase in basket penetration
  • total sales year-over-year increase by 2x

No Cow was founded in 2015 by Daniel “D” Katz in his mom’s kitchen, and has now grown to be one…

In this article we introduce our API Partners, the services they offer, and the benefits they provide to our brand partners.

You may have heard of traditional advertising agencies that work with brands on the creation, optimization, and management of their ad campaigns. But there’s a new type of agency in town. We’re excited to tell you about our new Ads API Partner program.

Our partners have built campaign management and optimization applications leveraging the Instacart Ads API. Their tools can offer additional functionality, efficiency and optimization techniques for brand advertisers. At a high level, an API Partner sends a…

In this article, we look broadly at the importance of first-party data and the move away from ad personalization and tracking across apps. We also provide an overview of the value of Instacart Ads to advertisers in terms of closed-loop reporting, insights, and more.

Within the ad tech industry, many advertisers have successfully deployed third-party tracking to deliver more personalized ads and understand user behavior across apps and sites. …

In this series, Working with Instacart Ads, we take a look at real-world examples of brand partners who have successfully used Instacart Ads to meet, and exceed, their advertising objectives.

DUDE Products was founded in 2011 by four lifelong friends out of their apartment in Chicago before appearing on ‘Shark Tank’ in 2015. Today it is now one of the fastest-growing brands in the $10B+ U.S. bath tissue industry. The company is focused on engaging with customers to build trust and shape consumer habits to grow the overall category.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, DUDE saw a rapid consumer shift to…

In this article, we examine what a best-in-class Featured Product strategy for advertising on Instacart marketplace looks like. Then we’ll provide some steps you can take right now to optimize your Featured Product campaigns.

When thinking about advertising on Instacart, it is important to recognize the differences between how consumers shop for groceries online and in-person. When consumers visit the grocery store they need to walk up and down the aisles to find the products they’re looking for. This means sight-lines, shelf position, packaging, among many other factors influence which products end up in the basket.

Shopping for groceries online…

In this article we examine how consumers are shopping on Instacart, how this differs from other ecommerce habits, and what brands and advertisers need to know to succeed on the platform. We’ll share some measurements to illustrate the non-linear consumer journey before making recommendations that brands and advertisers can take today to better drive conversion on the Instacart marketplace.

When consumers shop from their favorite grocery retailers on Instacart marketplace, they are replicating in person ‘shopping missions’. We can see this behavior by looking at the range of items in their carts.

The purpose of each online shopping mission varies…

In this article we go over some of the data and insights shared by Brian Gillis, director of CPG Insights, during our last webinar and offer a sneak peek into June’s webinar on ‘path to cart’ data.

The webinar started with a review of Instacart’s rich and diverse data source which forms the basis for the analysis that Brian’s team performs. With access to millions of orders over time from over 600 retail partners, across 45,000 stores, involving millions of households, Instacart aggregates and anonymises a vast amount of data into a tremendously valuable data set. …


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